Monday, June 16, 2014

End of School Year Teacher Gifts

The school year has ended. Time really seems to fly when the family is so busy and going in different directions. Maybe this summer will be a time of relaxation and new beginnings.

End of the year teacher gifts were distributed a few day prior to the last day of school. They turned out well. Everyone really enjoyed getting their gift. I do believe they were looking forward to some time off so they could plant their thyme. Not much writing today, just wanted to show you the entire gift together. 

These pictures were taken outside on the potting bench. I was also playing with light situations, so some of the pictures may look a bit….um light, or dark, or something else. I'm still learning, so please bare with me. Love the way the elements of the entire gift were well coordinated.

The tags on the shower gel and the thyme plant color coordinate with the sticker for the the plant markers and the thank you stamped inside of the thank you cards. It was just the right amount of the turquoise for a little pop of color.

Not overpowering at all, with the turquoise, but some bright color was nice. The envelopes that they are in are so cute. I will definitely buy more of those from the craft store.

The plant markers turned out great. They seem to be pretty durable as well. My set is holding up well, with lots of heat, sun, and water thrown at them on a regular basis.

Hand stamped and heat embossed cards. Give it a try. It's a lot of fun. These really captured the simple feel I was going for, simple and clean.

The smell of the thyme is wonderful in the summer heat. Not to mention very useful in the kitchen.

This is another location that I took pictures. Not really thrilled about the lighting. These are untouched, originals.

Everything came together wonderfully with these gifts. I only wish I could make more of them for someone.

I can almost smell the thyme by look at the following picture. So lucky there was left over ribbon to make bags for the thyme that matched the shower gel bags on the right.

It's okay to be a little cheeky sometimes. There's a little bit of fun in it. Everything doesn't have to be so stiff and proper all of the time.

So, all done with the school year and the appreciation gifts. Time to relax and enjoy the summer. These gifts came out just as I had hoped. Honestly, they are better than I had hoped. It doesn't always work that way. Just got lucky this time.

Maybe the staff members will get a chance for a relaxing bubbly shower, after they've planted their thyme and put plant markers next to plants.

Hope you enjoyed this gift as much as I did. Looking forward to my next project. What will it be? Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that one. I do have something very simple to put together soon. But right now, I think it's time to go outside and enjoy the plants. I'll play in the dirt tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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