Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thanks For Your "Thyme"

The DIY plant markers that I made for end of the school year teacher appreciation gifts were so darn cute that I just couldn't let them be given without including a plant. I'm horrible when it comes to these types of decisions. Is the gift okay? Or does it need something else? Seems I always go with the "something else". Oh well. That's just how I work.

I had been formulating a plan in my head as to how to make the plants cute and gift worthy. Bags. Of course. There was quite a bit of the ribbon left over from the shower favors. I bought every roll I could find in that particular pattern while making the shower favors. I didn't want to run out, and it was on clearance for 84 cents a roll. Turns out that I had about 5 and half rolls of ribbon left over. The two bags would match. Perfect!!

After a quick trip to the garden center, and 7 thyme plants later, it was time to start on this project. One problem, all out of thyme in the garden center. As luck would have it, in the produce section, there were potted herbs. Organic potted herbs, even better. Big potted herbs. Lots of potted herbs. And they were only $2.49. Even better than the $3.49 advertised in the garden center.

Ribbon, scissors, a yard stick, a hot glue gun, and 90 minutes later and bags were ready for the plants. Pretty neat.

Using my computer, I made labels for the bags, using the template from the new shower gel bags. Printed on card stock and cut with a 2 inch circle paper punch. Using twine to attach the labels to the bags, just like the new shower gel bags also.

They turned out just wonderfully. How cute are these little guys? Skepticism had set in when I started, but everything worked out well.

Telling the staff members that we appreciate their "thyme" and dedication was a nice touch to the tag. Very cheeky.

They can plant these in a sunny location, and since they are perennials, the thyme will come back next year as well.

Thyme can also be planted in a pot. That's where my thyme is planted. Protect the pots in the winter, and it will indeed come back the next spring. Last winter we didn't protect the pots, and we had a very harsh winter. I thought both thyme plants would be lost, but one survived. They are pretty hardy, even when grown in pots.

It's nice being able to create something for other people. And it's great when a plan comes together. The bags are a pretty way to package a plant. They could be used to hold some else later.

The staff members deserve more, but I do hope they like these little treasures. Plants are wonderful. They seem very precious here in the north west where it feels like winter lasts for 6 months. Lets enjoy the growing season while we can.

Thanks for dropping by. I know there is a plant outside begging to be trimmed, pruned, deadheaded, or watered. So off I go to play in the dirt.

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