Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baby Shower Favor To Teacher Appreciation Gift

Morning all. I must start with a confession. This gift I'm sharing with you is kind of a cheat. I know. I know. How could I do such a thing? Very easily in this particular case.
In February I threw a baby shower, you can read about that here, and for the shower favors, I used shower gels packed in adorable little DIY No-Sew bags. Well, needless to say, I had quite a few left over. They were so neutral and didn't look like baby shower gifts, and right away I knew some would be used for the end of the year gifts for teachers. Just one little change and they would be good to go.

Shower gel favors for the baby shower. Note the cute little tag. They looked so nice in a large group, very uniform. I love that sort of thing.


 Not baby showerish at all. Showerish isn't really a word, but you understand. Very Neutral.

Before shots from the baby shower in February.

Burlap, brown and tan. You can add any thing, or color to it and it has a different feel altogether. Mmmmmm cupcakes. I just want to snatch one out of the picture and eat it. Maybe if I just lick the screen I can taste it.

Shots of the favor bags at the baby shower.

After a quick change of the tag, they are ready to go as an appreciation gift for teachers.

Presto. Change-o. You've got a new gift.

The bottle of shower gel is there to remind you what is in the bag. Not all of the scents are Exotic Coconut. There's a variety of different scents and I have no clue who is getting what scent.

After changing the tags

These turned out great. Added a punch of bright color to the tag just to make it a little more springy or summery. Or I can use a word my Dad made up when I was a little girl as he talked about the new shoes I had gotten……"summerfied". See not a real word, but I got the meaning. Feels like summer.

Double duty bags, just made new tags. That did in fact rhyme. :)

Add an adorable tag to any gift and it makes it a little more special. It's just paying attention to the little details.

The turquoise/teal really pops with the neutral colors.

The bags can hold something else later, and they cost about 28 cents to make, well just for the ribbon. The other items I always have on hand. Hot glue gun, card stock, twine, and tissue paper.

Turned out to be a very thrifty little project.

It's good to save time when you can, not to mention repurpose something that you already have on hand.


Well, I hope the teachers and parapros will enjoy these. It's only a part of their gift. I'll share the other parts of the gift over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by. It's a gorgeous day….again. Go outside for a while and play in the dirt.

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