Friday, June 13, 2014

Coordinating Thank You Notes

Thank you notes seem to have dropped off by the way side. That hand written note expressing one's appreciation for something often seems to be replaced by an e-mail, text, or phone call. That is if it's remembered at all. Hand written notes are so personal, and such a nice touch.
It's nice to let someone know that whatever they did was very thoughtful. That it means enough for one to take time out of their busy schedule, find an actual writing instrument, and sit down to write a note. Now, if I could only get my young men to remember this, without forcing them to do it. My oldest daughter, she's good. She has the gift of writing a good thank you note. Her sentiments are awesome!

To go with the appreciation gifts that I made for MM's teachers, aides (parapros), and bus driver, I made these Thank You cards. 

Card making is one of those crafts that I always go back to for various occasions. They can be made to coordinate with any gift that you give. And can be made very personal. These are not the very personal cards. I didn't make each card different, nor did I hand stamp each individuals name on the cards. It is more so a set of handmade thank you cards tailored to the gifts.

Each card is hand stamped with a brown ink, sprinkled with clear embossing powder, and then heat embossed. You can kind of see the raised effect on the brown craft paper. The craft paper is set onto a piece of white card stock, which in turn is set onto a piece of dark brown card stock, and those three are set onto a blank white card. On the inside is a hand stamped "Thanks", but not embossed. Sets of blank white cards can be purchased at the craft store, along with ink, stamps, embossing powder, and a heat embosser.

Love the little pop of color on an otherwise very neutral card. Card making really is a very fun craft, as you make your cards as elaborate, or as simple, as desired.

Not too shabby. It's my kind of card. Simple and clean.

Then the fun part. Sitting and hand writing a personal note inside of each card. Telling each individual how much we appreciate all that they do for MM. It can be a tough line of work, the special needs education field. We know first hand from both aspects. MM attends a special needs school, and Hubby (or TM as I call him sometimes) works at a special needs school as well.

Now….I think I hear the garden calling to me to come out and play in the dirt. I think I will.

Thanks for visiting. Please come back soon.

Have you made your own cards? Or have any crafts that you like to do?

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