Friday, August 22, 2014

Historic Homes

Where's my big girl camera when I need it? Really?!! Even my point and shoot would have been welcomed.

Hubby and I took off on an adventure and it led us to Muskegon, Michigan.  We went to a little festival called Taste of Muskegon. Area restaurants had small dishes of their signature menu items to sample. Admission was free, and you purchased tickets to buy sample dishes of the various foods. There was a nice assortment of restaurants, beers, and wine. It was a nice setup, with plenty of picnic tables, areas to walk, benches, port-a-potties, music, and there was even an area with about 8 sets of Cornhole (or Baggo) boards and bags setup. We had a great time, and I would go again. However, the festival turned out to be the opening act.

We noticed quite a few nice houses on the trip to downtown Muskegon, but it was when we were leaving, that took our breath away. We were in a historic area and there were some beautiful houses. Gorgeous!! The icing on the cake was a historic, now museum, set of houses called the Hackley and Hume Historic Site. The pictures that I'm sharing are not the best. The only camera I had with me was on my phone. There aren't a lot of controls on it. You get what you get.

This first photo is of the Community Barn, which by the way appeared to be larger than a lot of homes.

Community Barn

Here you can see the Community Barn from the front of the two house. It sits behind them, and is centrally located between the two.

Community Barn

The Hackley House is just outrageous! The ornate details just never stop. There wasn't anything that didn't amaze me as I looked at this work of art.

Hackley House

From this view it easy to see the overall enormity of this home. Such complexity in the craftsmanship of the building itself.

Hackley House

A better view of where Community Barn is situated in relation to the Hackley House. Wish I had a setup like this, imagine the entertaining possibilities.

Community Barn offset of the Hackley House

Again, the details in everything about this place. Check out that door!!! The porch!! It was all amazing.

Stairs leading to the porch of the Hackley House

Even the iron gate and fence are detailed and beautiful. Truly a sign of the times that it was built in, not to mention the prosperity of the owner.

Iron gate at the Hackley House

Stained glass in the windows is always beautiful, but the round windows are just magnificent. The details of the stained glass and the intricate patterns are beautiful.

Round stained glass windows on the Hackley House

Love the way the round stained glass windows are echoed in the other windows also. How pretty.

Pattern of the stained glass windows echoed

Hackley House's front porch facing the central yard of the two homes. And look at the window with the stained glass on 3 of the 4 sides.

Front porch of the Hackley House

This picture shows the central entrance to the yard of the two houses and the Community Barn situated between, and set back from the two houses.

Central yard entrance and Community Barn

Could you imagine coming home on a rainy day and being let out under the cover? Of course someone would then tend to all of your needs and off to community barn would go James and your mode of transportation.

Hackley House covered entrance

The Hume House is just as beautiful in its own rite. Different flair to the design on this house. I just want to walk through both of these places and see the inside. It looks very cozy from the outside.

Front porch of the Hume Home

The attention to detail is shown again on the Hume Home. Nothing was left boring. One could look at it for hours and find something interesting that was overlooked at first glance.

Details under the window of the Hume Home

Love this part of the house!! I find houses with the old Victorian homes with turrets stunning. Everything does not need to be right angles.

The turret on the Hume Home

The stained glass is beautiful on this home also. The house has a nice combination of straight lines and curves.

Stained glass windows atop at the Hume Home

Hubby and I spent quite a bit of time marveling over the construction and details of this homestead. Beautiful!!! We've pledged to take a tour through this, now museum, homestead. For more information on this beautiful place, as well as pictures of the inside, visit the Lakeshore Museum Center website and click on the Hackley and Hume link.

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