Friday, February 27, 2015

Missing In (Craft) Action

I know it's been a long time. Missing in action is what has happened. The "action" of every day life completely took over.
I never knew that adding a Grandchild could turn one's life so topsy turvy. Anyways, I wouldn't pass up the moments spent with him for the world, or a craft. So, now I have 4 kids and 2 Grands. I do so love my Grands, they are just the best. Yep, I'm biased, completely.

Amazingly enough, a few crafty projects have gotten completed in my hiatus, I just haven't had time to share anything. So I'll try to catch you up on what I've been doing, while we get back on track for sharing and visiting. A very quick look at a few projects completed, and I'll share more about these projects in the weeks to come. 

Edible LEGO type decorations for my oldest Grand's 5th birthday! What a blast. I'm no baker, but this was a fun little project.

Edible LEGO type cake decorations

My very first Pop-Up card. It was a real learning experience and I can't wait to make another one.

Pop-Up Card

Re-vamped a few dollar store mini urns from a few years ago for autumn. Saving dollars and having fun along the way.

Dollar store urns updated

More dollar store buys, pumpkins painted white for a more neutral palette for autumn last year.

Dollar store pumpkins painted white

Autumn mantel for the year. This is always a challenge, a fun challenge, but a challenge all the same due to the narrow width of the mantel.

Autumn mantel 2014

My attempt at making a burlap wreath was a semi-success. I think the loops need to be bigger. What do you think? It's actually a customizable wreath. The bow is removable.

Burlap Wreath

Our family hosted Thanksgiving dinner and it was a great day, spending time with loved ones we don't see often. I sent them home with these adorable little treat bags. A tasty snack for the ride home. More on those later. Thinking of doing something similar for Easter this year.

Kraft paper treat bags

The container on left is the focus of this picture, not the other one with the berries, my cat chewed the berries, as you can see. She's a real stinker sometimes. But the twig lined vase...super easy, inexpensive, and versatile. 

Twig lined vase 

The Christmas season found me making Note Card Sets for the teachers this year. Their gift package include lots of items all geared toward them relaxing during their winter break. I'll share more about making the note card sets in the coming weeks as well.

Handmade Note Card Sets

Great find on the basket for a little change up instead of using a Christmas tree skirt. The cats always use the tree skirt as a nap zone, and it's covered with hair at any given moment. They didn't bother sleeping under the tree with the basket there. Ha!! Mom....1....furry girls....0!

Rustic basket for a tree skirt found in a friends garage

Another take on the customizable wreath! This is what it looked like for Christmas. Simple and clean.

Customizable Wreath decorated for Christmas

I figured out the cutest and cheapest way to hide/camouflage the old stocking hangers. Cute as can be, probably my favorite decorations of the season, and honestly, they didn't cost a dime. I had everything on hand.

Christmas Stocking Hangers camouflaged to look like gifts

Knock off Pottery Barn Hurricane and Ballard Designs Hurricane, in one, again for not a dime was spent. It's fun to use items that you have in the house the make something interesting. The best part, when you're tired of it, you don't feel bad about disassembling it and making something new.

Easy hurricane, cute, simple, affordable

There you have it! Some of the projects that have kept me busy while I was not here with you. But it's good to be back. Tell me what you think of the above projects, I'd love to hear from you.

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