Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To paint or not to paint? That is the question.

To paint or not to paint? It wasn't really a question. The question should have been "when to paint?". After many weeks of shying away from choosing a color that is not too intrusive, but not white, a decision was made. We went with a color called Oat Straw. It looked kind of dark(ish), very neutral, fresh and clean. Great! Well, I finished the walls and my son asked me why I was painting the walls white. This is not what I wanted to hear, not at all. Now that the walls are done, the color is so non-intrusive that you don't really know that it's there. Well, I do because after all of the repairs to years of nicks and dents from countless children in the house, I almost screamed that I never wanted to fill, patch or sand another thing....ever. The small repairs had me crazed. Then I just kept seeing tiny imperfections on the walls and just kept fixing them. I know, it's my own fault, no one else to blame but me.

Things are rolling along well, just need to paint the ceiling and a few interior doors, but the bulk of the job is done. It's been very slow progress as everyone in the house has, one after the other, gotten "The Crud" that's going around. Me being the first one and right during the time that was my turn to paint. I did all of the walls, TM did the trims, and we'll do the ceiling Thank goodness. I just want my kitchen back in order. Not to mention the fact that it's impossible to decorate for fall when the kitchen is in a complete state of disarray. So, back to the painting and then I can get back to the fun stuff, like crafting, and decorating the house. No pics to show today, because I need all of my energy to climb up the ladder. And down the ladder. And back up the ladder. You get the picture.

Go play in the dirt!
It's a great time of year to get the garden in order for the upcoming colder months.

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