Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a New Year!!


It's a New Year. Let's try to make this year successful in a way that is meaningful individually. Not successful in the eyes of others, but on a personal level. That could mean finally organizing the linen closet, or making a laundry schedule, or losing that 5 pounds (or more in my case), that has been pinching at the ol' muffin top, begging to be released. What ever the goal is, no matter how small, if it's reached, then it should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Personally, I really do have a few pounds I would like to shred. BUT....and I say this loud and clear.....I don't want to go on a diet. The pounds are secondary, a healthier lifestyle is the complete goal, right down to my crazy sleeping schedule. This is not something that I can flip the switch and have all of my bad habits gone. It's going to take some time, a slow and steady process, with little changes here and there that will (hopefully), eventually be big overall changes.

Organizing my home and time are two other goals that I have for the year. There are other things that I'm sure I should do, and in time I will, but the starting line has to be painted somewhere. It's not a race of speed, but one of endurance. Slow and steady wins the race to making changes in my life that will produce good habits and erase the bad habits. Okay......let's be honest here, let me start by just trying to erase some bad habits. Well, I don't want to get too over zealous and set myself up for failure. It's like making a "to do" list for the day of 50 tasks and knowing that you really only have time to complete 10, on a good day. (Note to self: another goal....don't set yourself up for failure).

On that note, I know there aren't many people out there that are sharing this experience with me, but let's try this again. Shall we?

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