Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time To Get Started

Have you ever found a product that works for you, only to discover when you try to get a new one, that  you can no longer find the product which you so loved? Countless times this has happened to me. I find it a bit frustrating. But, hey! That's okay, you just keep looking for something to fill the void, or if it's something you can duplicate at home, then do so. Just don't try to sell it, or pass it off as your own creation. That's just wrong. Enough said.

Real Simple has (or had) this great Grocery Checklist (pictured above) that I found at Target a few years ago. It has the basics on it, with little check boxes, and extra lines for writing in items that you might need. Great product! It made it very easy for the family to "help" with the grocery list by checking off items that we had depleted. It really does help organize your grocery list making. You can grab the sheet and take it to the store with you, or use it to make a more thorough list. Either way, it's easy to see what you are out of on a daily basis.

Weill, I was down to my last 3 sheets, and a bit frustrated with the fact that after searching periodically for a few months, I was still unable to locate a replacement. Yes, I searched, organizing stores, Real Simple, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, the Web. Yes....yes...yes. I searched pretty thoroughly, or so I thought. Well, here's the kicker, I wasn't supposed to find it. I was supposed to, for personal use only, duplicate it and tweak to my family's basics. It worked out great!!!! I used Excel and made a sheet that looks just like the sheets that I have grown to love, but was able to delete some items that we never purchased, and add some items that we purchase quite often. Brilliant!!!! Unfortunately, I don't feel that it would be right for me to post it online, because it is for personal use, and I did use my old list as a template. But someone else worked really hard to produce that item for Real Simple and sell it.

The point of this story? Stop pining away for something that you want and either can't find or don't want to pay the kind of money that is being asked, and make something for yourself. It's fun, and I won't lie, depending what it is you're making, it might be difficult for you. But......just'll surprise yourself. It's extremely gratifying and you'll love it because you made it yourself. It's also a great way to learn how to do something that you didn't know before, or just hadn't thought of doing at all.

Enjoy! Go forth and try something new!

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