Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jute Wrapped Apple

With autumn quickly approaching, I find myself thinking of apples, pumpkins, leaves, and snuggling into the warmth of home and the household schedule that comes with kids returning to school. My first thought is always the feel of the house when everyone is home in the evening. The smells that come with autumn, the deeper, homey scents that come from baking pies, breads, cookies, and the crisp scents from the outside wafting in through open windows. When those things fail to produce smells that make me want to cuddle up with a book, I turn to candles. In addition to the smells, what do I see in the house? Well, I like to decorate with each season, so for now I'm thinking apples. 

When TM and I went away for a weekend last autumn, we stopped in a tiny shop where I found the cutest twine wrapped pear. I only bought one, because I just couldn't justify paying that kind of money for any more. During the Easter and spring season, I wrapped eggs in jute, not to mention a tiny jar for a bud vase. I had lots of jute left over and used some to wrap a wreath that I am working on, and still had more left over. It was a pretty big spool. So onto the apples then, one cute little jute wrapped apple would be adorable. Having an abundance of fake apples from the past two years, I thought to use one of those. This worked out perfectly, as there was one little apple that had a hole in it that I kept trying to hide last year. Good thing I didn't throw it away, because now I can reuse it. Yippee!!!!!!!

 Here's the apple that I started with, the hole is on the other side. The stem and leaf came right off, it was just glued into the styrofoam on the inside.

Here you can see the hole. I grabbed some sand paper from the garage and scuffed the surface, it was quite smooth and I wanted to make sure that the glue adhered well. 

Other than the sand paper, this is all that I used: my trusty old glue gun, left over jute that I originally purchased at 40% off, glue sticks (those are a staple in my craft supplies), and one damaged fake apple.

Starting at the top, I put on some glue, then started to wrap the jute around the apple, making sure to use only as much glue as I needed to wrap one or to rotations at a time. I had to be careful not to cover the hole that the stem and leaf came out of, I used the same hole when it came time to reattach them. Careful, that glue gets really hot....really, really hot!

I kept this up until the whole thing was wrapped, about 20 minutes. Ta-da!!!!!!! Easy, easy, easy! And a lot less expensive than the store bought versions. Just needed to put the stem and leaf back on.

A little glue in the hole that was left when I removed the stem and leaf, and a little on the stem itself, pushed the little peg back in the hole, and done. How cute is that?!!!!

There is the little pretty apple from the top, cute as can be. It's nice to have the apple shape, without the color, but a more neutral color, and the added texture from the jute is an addition to any spot in the house.

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