Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fallasburg Covered Bridge

One of the stops we made this summer was in Lowell, Mi. There is a covered bridge there, it was featured in my wall calendar for the year. And seeing that all of the other bridges were in other states, and this one was pretty close and on our route to camping, I had to see it. TM obliged and we made the stop, I think he enjoyed it more than I did, and that was a lot.

Fallasburg Covered Bridge

My wall calendar for the year show 12 different covered bridges from around the country. I have spent quite a bit of time looking at them online as well.

Sign: $5 fine for going faster than a walk
The sign is awesome! Of course, there was no one around to collect the fines, but hey. They should put a little bucket out and let people pay using the honest person's merit system. I bet this is beautiful during the autumn.

It is a historic site
Lots of interesting information was offered throughout the little historic district where the bridge leads.

Over the side looking at the river

Better view of the river. Where are the kayaks when you want them?

Inside the covered bridge
Have you ever walked on a covered bridge? It just feels old and historic, it's a nice feeling. Try it.

The architecture is amazing
The structures are fascinating when you think about how long they have been standing, it's had some work done on it, but the design is the same.

Yes, I'm still in the car.

The old school. Note the outhouse.
Imagine back in the day when little Susie or Bobby had to use the rest room during arithmetic lessons. On with boots and heavy coats and out to the out house they went. Brrrrrr. Sounds a bit chilly doesn't it?

Farm machinery?
Love this picture. It just makes me smile. Something about old farms and machinery.

The Farm
Again, this is just a wonderful picture. Grab a blanket, a book and a glass of whatever you like to sip on  and hang out under the tree for a while.

Misner House built in 1850.
The trumpet vine is quite lovely with its red-orange trumpet shaped flowers. Very pretty.

Tower Farm built in 1896.

Fallass House. 
Love this little house. It is so quaint. Just imagine the hustle and bustle when it was a family home.

It just looks homey.

Want to go for a ride?

Inside the bridge.

Fallasburg Park Sign.
So there is the shortened version of the picture tour of the Fallasburg covered bridge and park, not to mention the historic district in Lowell, MI. Beautiful area. I will visit again someday, hopefully at the peak of the color season during the autumn. 

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