Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simple Easter Decor

With Easter right around the corner, thought it was time to decorate the house. Not really, but I did want it to be a little festive. There are a few holidays that I don't go all out for, Easter is one of them. The significance of the day is not really about eggs and bunnies. I associate the Easter egg decorations with children, fun, and the beginning of spring. So, with that thought in mind, and I do have children, not little children, but still children, and a wonderful grandson. Must add a bit of fun for everyone. Even when the kids seem like they don't even notice anything you do, they really do. Any ways, my idea of decorations this year? Very egg-y. Eggs everywhere. Remember the glittered eggs? Of course you do.

Glittered Eggs. I wish they were candy.

They look so pretty with the different lighting during different parts of the day. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

Jeweled colored eggs. Pretty without the lid too.

These eggs were made last year. Styrofoam eggs, some wrapped in white cotton yarn. The others were wrapped with jute, some heavy jute, and some with a thinner jute. They turned out great, Nice and neutral in color. They could be left out all year, but I do put them away after Easter.

Love the container. It's very versatile.

Really fun project to do on a rainy day. Wrap something in jute. It's amazing what you can do with a hot glue gun and jute (or yarn).

Added some moss to the bottom, gives it some depth and color.

Another find at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, egg baskets. How stinkin' cute is that? I have two, the other is larger, and it is very useful. Okay, I don't have a chicken coop, so I don't really use it to bring eggs into the house, but I do use it for other things, and decorations.

Fake eggs, of course, but really cute and simple.

Another one of those versatile containers that can be dressed up over and over again, it's great. I might have to find pictures of the different ways I've decorated these. But I'm so used to it, sometimes I don't even take pictures once they are decorated. Note to self: always take pics.

Love the little nest and moss at the bottom.

The tops of these candle holders are removable, and can be used alone as tealight or votive holders. It's nice to keep them all different, but with the same theme if they are grouped together.

A little decoration goes a long way.

These took about 5 minutes to put together. I was really trying to keep it simple this year. If I have to fuss to much with it, then it's just not worth it, right now. We've been busy.

The egg cup is adorable, it came in a set of four.

Every year I try to make sure that I display this little ceramic basket. My MIL gave this to us quite a few years ago. She didn't want it, but I don't think she had the heart to throw it away or donate it. She took a ceramics class years and years ago, well over 20 years have passed since she made this basket. Her name is inscribed in the bottom as well. The handle was cracked on one side when we got it, so we repaired it and gave it new life. She gets so tickled every time she comes over and sees it being used.
Another simple and adorable decoration. The tiny plastic eggs were from last year, I bought them and never used them for anything. By the way, they look a little like candy, beware. I had the moss, nest, and eggs in my craft stash.

Another 5 minute decoration. Simplicity is key.
This one took a little longer, because I had to dig out my cricut machine. Going to the store to purchase a stencil sounded like too much work. Using the cartridge that was left in the cricut, I printed "Happy Easter" in 1 inch letters and then used the cut out as a stencil. Worked out beautifully, even though I had to stick the little inner piece of paper to the inside of the "P"s, "A"s, and the "R".  It really was very easy. Of course, I still have burlap sitting around, remember the lampshade projects? Cut an 8in x 10in piece of burlap and stenciled "Happy Easter" using black acrylic paint from my paint stash. The eggs and ribbon are on the outside of the glass. Cutie.

On the mantle. Fresh and serene.

Every room should have a plant. Yes, every room. Be careful if you have pets. Know your pets and know your plants. Some plants are very poisonous to pets, trust me, I found this out the hard way about two years ago. I was given an Easter Lily as a gift two years ago, and had a cat that loved to eat anything green. Honestly, never seen a cat that at so many plants. Let's just say, cats and Easter Lilies, bad idea. Really bad idea. She was a great cat. I still get sad when I think of her.

It's a healthy plant, longing for the spring like the rest of us.

Remember the glittered candle? Yes, it sits on the mantle as well. It's super sparkly in the sunshine, really brightens the place up.

Yeah for simplicity.

Here's an adorable wreath that I made about a year ago. The only thing I did was walk by it and put two eggs on the same hook. It always has that light green ribbon on it. Yup. Just put a couple of eggs on the hook. Wow, that was the most labor intensive decorating....ever. I think a nap is in order.

Green wreath with eggs. Note the cracks on the green egg. Perfection.
Well, it was fun. And really easy decorating this year. Love it! Not too much, but enough that it feels like spring is right around the corner. Today is the first day of spring? I think so. Doesn't feel like it, there's snow and lots of wind outside. It's cold!! But the little signs of Easter in the house make it better, because spring can't be far away now.

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