Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Super Finds in the Land of Somuchpretty

My trip to the Land of Somuchpretty, a.k.a. Hobby Lobby, produced 2 great finds that I wasn't looking for at all. I should have stayed on my path, finished getting my list of paper products, and left the store. But that would have been way too easy, and not nearly as much fun. The finds? A lamp and a...a...a...thingy-ma-do-bob, for lack of a better term right now. The lamp is adorable! The price tag was listed at $89.99. Ouch!! Couldn't do that...at all. But, I could do the $9 that it was on sale for at the time. Oh yes!! The lamp and the shade, and it even had a light bulb in it! Bingo! Cute as can be. It needs some dusting, serious dusting, but for $9, I'll dust it. Trying to come up with the name for what is wrapped around the lamp. Wicker? Yes, it's wicker. Don't mind the dinosaur of a computer in the background, need to strip it for electronics recycling day. It's actually called Recycle-rama. It's a great thing.

Obelisk!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the better term for the thingy-ma-do-bob. It was on the tip of my tongue and I just couldn't grasp it at the time, but there it is. Just had to dig through the memory warehouse and find it.

What a cool lamp. Now where do I put it?

This is just a visual object, it has no purposeful use. Honestly, it doesn't, it's just a really cool piece. TM says it looks like a genie bottle. Ok, so he has a point. My genie must be trapped in the bottle, because it doesn't open. Need to find a place for this guy also. But.......it was originally $59.99 (I know, I would have left it in the store also) , however, it was on sale for $6. That's why it came home with me. For $6, I can use it for a few years and won't feel bad about getting rid of it, or painting it a different color.

Thingy-ma-do-bob, a.k.a. obelisk. 

So, for a mere $15 I purchased both of these items. I think it's a darn good deal. Good job for finding a bargain. I might change the lampshade to burlap, not sure yet, but I do love that look. However, I've seen some burlap lampshades, but they start at $49. Not a possibility that I will pay that price. TM would pass out.

Two great items for one low price of $15 combined. Not too shabby.

Here are some pics of lamps that I've been pining over for a while from Pottery Barn.

The Clift Glass Table Lamp Base - Clear.

The Bacchus Table and Bedside Lamps.

The Fairmont Glass Crackle Table Lamp.

This next set is from Ballard Designs. Love me some Ballards and The Barn!!!!

The Cassidy Table Lamp.

The Malia Seeded Glass Lamp.

The Ellis Glass Table Lamp.

The Madison Lamp.

These next two are from Crate & Barrel.

So there you have it. Lamps I love, and a great bargain lamp, just waiting for a facelift. I can't decide if I want to leave the wicker on the base, or take it off. Once it's off, I can't put it back on. I wish it was removable, then I could put it on when I wanted to have it on. Oh well, decisions, decisions. I do know that the green shade needs changing. Love the size and shape, just don't want a green shade, right now. I do have some leftover burlap in a box of fabrics, in the basement. That would be the most cost effective, plus I think I have spray adhesive as well. This could be a fun project.

Enjoy your day! Bundle up, the snow is on it's way, here. 

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