Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Luck Notes Paper Rings

A trip to Hobby Lobby can be so relaxing. There is so much to see in the wonderful-land-of-Somuchpretty. If only I had a place the size of Highclere Castle, the setting for Downton Abbey. Oh the things I could do. Oh, the things I could buy. I wish. I wish. Oh my, my, my.

My trip to Hobby Lobby was a success. I found paper for making the Good Luck Notes Paper Rings for the Good Luck Wish Jar. Blue and yellow sheets, the school colors, although they match, they're not too matchie-matchie. Close, but they both have a textured look, and the true school colors are in the paper, but not a solid mass of just one color. I like it!  

The colors are good together, the yellow seems mellowed.

Great price on the paper, 59 cents per 12"x12" sheet of paper. You can do a lot of detailing with a small amount of paper.

This has a denim look to it. Nice texture look.

Unfortunately, the yellow paper was only available in 8.5"x11" sheets. But for 44 cents a sheet, that's good.

Sticking with texture looks, this yellow paper has a look of linen. I like the different shades of yellows on the sheet.

I bought 12 yellow sheets and 9 blue sheets. There's a lot that can be done with this amount of paper. The paper goes on sale often, and I should have waited to get 40% or 50% off. Unfortunately, I didn't want to take the chance that it would be gone and not restocked as the stock of papers changes some with the seasons. However, I will wait for sales when I get all of the supplies for the invitations and thank you notes.

These will do well in small doses here and there.
 The paper rolls are ready to be rolled, but I'll wait until it's much closer to the date before actually rolling them. Don't want them to get crushed. I cut strips of paper measuring .75"x3". I did a test run with plain paper to determine what size was needed.  There are close to 100 pieces of paper total. That seems like it will be more than enough.  I wrapped an opposite color piece of paper around the stacks to keep them nice and neat. The paper stays together with the use of an adhesive.

Prototype of a rolled note and the strips of paper that will be used to make the rolls.
 Two of my very best friends, when it comes to doing paper projects. My handy-dandy Fiskars Personal Paper Cutter and Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner permanent strips. (The paper cutter has changed in design, mine is 6 years old now.)  Love them both so much it makes me weepy. I got this little cutter in 2007, when I made invitations and countless other things for our wedding. What great fun, and I learned so much during that year. There were many projects. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of my two little friends. They have gotten so much use throughout the years. They stay pretty close to my desk at all times.

Say hello to my little friends.
There was yet another paper that caught my eye as well. Still on the textured look paper kick here, there  was paper that looks like burlap. Thought this would be great for the background of pictures that I'm thinking of using on some of the tables. 

It has kind of a blue background to the burlap. Pretty, but not girlie at all. Great for my son.

Same paper, just different lighting.

The absolute best finds of the day, however, had nothing to do with my trip there to begin with. That is a subject for next time.

Enjoy the sunshine. It's crisp, cold, and sunny here. Days filled with sunshine are beautiful.

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