Saturday, February 23, 2013

Idea Time

The internet can be a wonderful tool for ideas. I have been thinking about the Open House and elements to go with it. Do you ever have a vision of something you want to do, but can quite put a finger on the exact vision? I do this often, sometimes it's that I want to see something similar to my thought, so I can better tailor my idea with out having to make 4 or 5 different prototypes.

Two years ago for eldest son's Open House, I used an autograph picture board. I wasn't too fond of the set up, as it's often difficult to write on a wall, so to speak. For the Open House for my youngest son, I have been thinking of the Wish Tree that I made for our wedding years ago, so people can leave well wishes. We still have the tree, it's out on display. Although, I don't think this sort of thing is quite right for my son.

Wish tree from wedding. Not the best picture, but the concept was great.
I kept thinking of a container to put notes in, with a large picture of him set up behind the container, on an easel maybe. The container was the problem. Flower pot? No, too girlie. Bucket? No, too industrial, and I don't want to sand and paint it. A large rustic type jug? Well, he has to be able to get his hand in it. Think about it later, just let the idea simmer and grow in the ol' cranium. While looking at ideas for centerpieces, I came across this beauty at celebrations website.

Good Luck jar. 

It's the perfect container. How could it be there? What a grand idea! The creepy part, I have that exact jar in the basement with my decorating stuff. I needed something to display river rocks in last year and got it at HobbyLobby for 50% off. So for a whopping $6, I grabbed it. I never did put the river rocks in it, but kept the jar, and now I'll use it for the Open House. BRILLIANT!!!

The paper is easy and quick, and the label will be a breeze. DIY ideas to customize a grad party has some really neat ideas. They were even nice enough to post a template for the little paper notes. I will change the look of mine some, as I need different colors. I've decided not to use the template for the notes, but instead will create my own note papers. I can create them on the computer and just tweak them once I figure out my fonts for the entire party, then print them later. I do like to stick with one or two fonts for a party, it keeps everything uniform. The fonts will be decided from the Open House invitations that I make. Instead of string tied around the notes, I'll make paper rolls in coordinating school colors, that the notes can be slipped into easily.

Back to that jar. This is the second time I have had something on hand and it's just sitting there waiting for me and I find a neat idea for it on the "InterWeb" (my son likes to call it that) or in a magazine. Last Christmas season I pulled out paper mache ornaments that I purchased for dirt cheap at the end of the prior year's Christmas season, at Hobby Lobby for about 80% off. So for about 20 cents each I bought 3 of them and knew I'd do something with them. Found a great project for painting them white and detailing them with really chunky glitter. I'll have to post pictures of them, next Christmas, as I don't want to even think about pulling out all of the Christmas boxes again right now. Not yet, I just got them put away. Wait...I might have photos on the camera of them, I'll have to take a look.

Until the next time. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to spring!

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