Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day and Backyard Update

Okay. A quick update on the backyard situation. TM and I have done quite a bit of work out there, he working on the base for his new shed (a.k.a. the "Leg Lamp", think of the father in the movie A Christmas Story), and I working on moving the plants around the yard. Note to self: "Moving a few plants really means moving a lot of plants because you have to make them work together." Dang!!! Wish I had thought of that earlier. Needless to say my project has stalled a few times trying to come up with a configuration that will work, (now here's the hard part) without purchasing new plants. Well, I have managed to do just that.

In conclusion, I moved three plants from the front yard to the backyard. I move three plants from the backyard, where they weren't doing well, to the front yard. I moved 3 plants from the backyard to the side yard, which entailed repositioning a few of the plants in the side yard to accommodate the plants from the backyard. I moved plants from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill. Moved a few plants from the back corner bed to the new bed, and lastly moved a few plants from another bed to the new bed as well. Oh, almost forgot. I had two bare root Hostas that I had plopped in a couple of pots last year and never got around to replanting. Don't you love Hostas, it's almost impossible to kill them.

Remember? This is where we started.
In front of my beloved rock pile.
The back corner bed, in the beginning.
After the edging was moved, but not the plants.
Now some plants have been moved.
Just a wider angle of the same plants. I didn't like it.
Much better!! Moved more plants.
It helps that the plants have grown a little.
Looking down the hill. Don't mind the "stuff", clean up time is near and then comes the mulch.
So there you have it. A pretty good idea of how work is coming along in the back yard. It's not rocket science, but it sure is amazing when the plants start to take off for the season. All of the plants are perennials, so they just keep coming back. This is the first year that I have lost a plant, a Cimicifugas ramosa 'Pink Spike', it's a bugbane. 

Bugbane: Pink Spike lost one during the winter.

Goodbye, old friend. Okay, it was really kind of a new friend, it's only been  with me for 2 years, this being its second spring. It was transplanted last year, and never looked very well at all. However, one (pictured above) came up and the other didn't. Now there is a bare spot that needs a plant. Oh.....I hate shopping for new plants. Just kidding, I could spend an entire day in a nursery. The smell inside of greenhouses is so enticing this time of year. 

One last note on plants. I have fallen in love, yet again. There is plant out there that is calling my name, just begging to come live in my yard. One I have never seen before, until today. Yes, as I sat here researching some of my plants, to make sure they are being properly cared for, I came across a link for Hostas to buy or dream about.....and there it was, like a beautiful, gorgeous, new friend to welcome into the garden. Cue the bright lights and the chorus singing, "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh". It's a White Feather Hosta, very unique. When they grow in the spring, get this, they grow white. I KNOW!!!!!! White leaves, then they get green streaks and slowly turn green during the growing season. How cool is that for a shade garden?!!!! Already talked to TM about ordering this one, as I am trying very hard to be frugal and use any plants that we already have and just dividing them. Again, I just can't turn this one down, it's a beauty, and would bring such good color to the garden. LOVE IT!!!!! 

Go play in the dirt!!! And again, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! Take care of the earth.

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