Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter?

Easter eggs anyone?

Of course Easter is a happy time!!!!! What kind of a fluffy, bunny, hatin' mother do you think I am? Bunnies are cute as can be, as long as their aren't in my back yard eating my plants. Enough said. Actually it's not a question as to the happiness of the day, as opposed to the question that Easter is here (and has now passed). Wow! Where did the time go? This year is racing along, I feel like I should start preparing for the upcoming winter months and start Christmas shopping, just so it can be a very organized Holiday Season. Wait, didn't we just get finished with that whole juggling act? Oh right, let's slow down and enjoy the upcoming nice weather, starting with the beautiful weather we had on Easter. It was a beautiful spring day, slightly breezy with lots of sunshine.

We had family in town on Easter, what a joy it was to see everyone. My parents, a few aunts from out of town, my cousin, my sister, nephews, my children and husband.....aahhhhh...family. I had a great time, cooking and feeding the masses. It really was a great time. I can't wait to do it again sometime in the near future. Yes, most of the day was spent cooking, very leisurely, as most of the prep work was done the day before, so it was just a matter of putting things in the over at the correct time and the actually cooking. This little trick of organizing my time really helped keep the day running smooth and hassle free.

What have I been up to? 

You know? I really have been busy since the beginning of the year. I have finished a few projects, started some projects, and then there is the whole family thing. I love my family. No, I  am not being facetious. Although when a mother says that statement, it can be taken that way sometimes. You can usually tell by the droll tone, the rolling of the eyes, or the shear sound of exasperation in her voice. In this particular case (or should I say at this particular moment) I mean it purely, endearingly. 

TM (that's my husband....it stands for the The Man....as in a super hero....as in "That's right. Who's The Man? Yep, I'm The Man!") Let's move on, shall we? He really is a wonderful man. I'm a lucky girl!! Alas, yes, let's move on. Okay, so TM and I have been doing a lot of yard work. We had that wonderful stretch of above average temperatures, so we got started early. TM is finally getting a new shed that he has been thinking about for a couple of years, so we had to make space for it. This involved moving some of the perennials around in the back yard. At the same time, there is an area where the grass won't grow. My thought is the soil is too acidic due to pine needles, as it is at the bottom of a hill, under an evergreen and it doesn't get enough sunlight. Just a bad spot for growing grass. I think the shade plants will love it. We moved the edging in this area and extended the planting bed, losing a little yard area.

Back corner of the yard. Before work commenced.

Under the evergreen tree looking down the hill.

Edging pulled out of the ground. Work has begun.

Looking at the rock pile. Note the lack of grass.

We have completed more work and it's almost done, for now, until the plants really start to grow. Inevitably I won't like the way a few plants are positioned, and they will be moved. It happens every time I move the plants. Oh well, that's part of the fun of gardening. You get to keep playing in the dirt!!!!! There you have it.....go play in the dirt.

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