Thursday, May 10, 2012

Individual Worm Bins for Dessert

Earth Day came and went, and I've been a little busy. However, I was nerdy enough to want to make an Earth Day dessert. I did it before and I did again. This year I made Individual Worm Bins. Yea. It sounds gross, but what fun, even for my teenagers! A few years ago I made a cake. Yum, but cake is cake, considering that I always use the boxed variety. One day I will bake a cake from just sounds so scary.

Earth Day Cake 2010
Yep. You got it. I am a big chicken. This time I thought, well I've made worms in dirt, a few quick changes and you have individual worm bins. Chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo (type) cookies on top for the dirt, long pieces of red licorice (the laces would work great, but they only had cherry laces) to act as red leaf worms, white sprinkles for "egg shells", some green sprinkles for "vegetation" and there you have it, your own little individual worm bin. That's right, I couldn't think of anything quickly to use for "newspaper". Hey, my family would get the idea. What were they going to do? Not eat it? "Sorry, Mom. I'm not eating this, there's no fake newspaper on it." Right! They ate it, quickly.

Pudding, Twizzlers, Cookies, and Sprinkles
Chocolate Pudding divided into small dishes
Crush Oreo (type) cookies in a bag and sprinkle on top of the pudding.

Add pieces of licorice and sprinkles. Ta Daaaa!!
When Earth Day was approaching, my 16 year old son (GG) and I had a conversation about trying to be as energy conscious as we could for the day (and we do every day). We decided to cook using no electricity. That's not too hard considering how much we go camping. However, living in the city would pose a problem with the whole cooking over the fire pit and not having a Burn Permit for the season, thing. That's right, we would grill chicken. I never said we were vegetarians. However, we would have to break out both grills, this little gas grill that we got for Christmas (yuck) and the trusty, Mr. Big Daddy Weber Charcoal grill that is out year round (I love you, my little, slow things down a bit, and taste the yumminess of it all, black enameled, dome of wonderfulness). Now I'm not biased at all (chuckle, snicker, grin, and snort), I just think the whole process and taste of cooking on a charcoal grill, or over an open wood fire is, for lack of better words.....MIND BLOWING AND DELICIOUS. Okay, as my husband (TM) keeps reminding me, gas grills have some advantages. Yeah, they're quick. I really don't see the fun in that. Strictly my opinion. Not saying that it's correct, but it's all mine.

We would wrap potatoes in foil and cook those on the Weber charcoal grill, and we would soak the corn on the cob, still in the husks, in water and cooked those on the gas grill on low. The chicken, of course, was would have to be cooked on the Weber. Just thought of this, both grills are Weber grills. The chicken would cook on the charcoal Weber grill. We would have loved to eat out on the deck and use no indoor lighting, but it was in the low 50s and really windy. (Stop calling me Wendy.) Slight take-off on Airplane and Leslie Neilsen's, "Stop calling me Shirley". I miss that guy, he was funny!!!!

Anyways, not exactly how it turned out. We did grill the chicken on the charcoal grill, however, the corn and potatoes were cooked inside the house on the electric stove. We got it half right for the day. TM was very busy with his Leg Lamp project, a.k.a. the new shed and dinner was backed up quite a bit. Time was short and we compromised on the use of electricity for the day. But we keep trying to do our part to reduce our eco-footprint. It's a belated greeting, but, I hope your Earth Day was green. How green? Supah Green!

Go play in the dirt!!! 

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