Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wooden Signs

I love the warmth that wooden signs add to a room. There's just something about wood that seems to conjure up the feelings of comfort, relaxation, and a sense of ease.

Wooden signs can be purchased in lots of places. You are limited to what is in the store, however adorable they are. But sometimes you just have to make it yourself. Which is exactly what happened a couple of years ago for Christmas.

My heart was set on a Sleigh Ride sign and I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Hobby Lobby sells palettes, one was purchased with a 40% off coupon. The Sleigh Ride sign is only made from 2 of the 10 boards that comprised the palette. Absolutely!!!! I deconstructed the palette. Yeah, I took it apart. For my first attempt at a larger sign, it turn out great. Maybe you remember the small Farm Fresh Basket from a few years ago? If not, you can view that post here. That was a very small basket, this sign is quite a bit larger and a little intimidating when starting. No worries. It's almost impossible to really mess up a sign that you make. Who really knows that it's not exactly what your were trying to accomplish? Only you.

This Farmer's Market sign is one of my favorites. It's really quite small and is sitting on a table in the picture below. Yes, it is also another deconstructed item. Taken apart and put back together in a different form.

Okay, so the following picture isn't the best, but I wanted to show it's relative size by showing the table and part of a small tray. Love thinking of trips to the market in Autumn.

I find it very comforting to walk into every room in the house and find something that is handmade, by the owner of the house, and I love making items for the house. It's a very personal touch.

Autumn alway make me want to snuggle in and sit by the fire. It's a very homey time of the year. A bowl of soup for dinner served with fresh bread is hard to beat on a cold autumn day.

This is a glimpse of a sign I made for the Holiday Season. There's more to come on this one, much later.

Another bonus of making your own signs is that you get to be very creative with what you're working on, how you would like the sign to look, the colors you work with, and the font you use. The next few pictures are a prime example. This is such a comfy little corner in the living room, and this charming sign added that special little something that was missing before. 

So did this "Corner Shop" sign. Both of them are completely different, but with their own charm and feeling. The colors and fonts make them unique in their own right, but both compliment the corner wonderfully.

The great thing about both of these signs? Ssshh. It's really just one sign. Whaaaaat?! I know! Right?

One board. Two signs. When I want a quick change, I just walk by and flip it over. I painted each side differently and squeezed out two signs for the price of one. Okay, the wood was actually free this time. It was lying around in my husband's old wood stash in the garage, but still. 

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling is something that we try to do in every way that we can. It is amazing what you can find and reuse. Like the Fresh Eggs Sign below. The board was something I found at the thrift store for about a dollar. There was nothing about it that I liked, just that I knew it was going to be sanded and made into.......something. Not a clue what at the time, but something.

At one point I painted it white and then it sat in my craft room for months and never got a second look. It was just taking up space, but I knew one day, day it would come to me.

Just before Easter, it hit me. The project didn't take long at that point, since I only had to design the sign and paint it. I think it turned out well. If you're going to have eggs sitting around, why not have a sign.

Upon re-arranging a bit, the Fresh Bread sign got relocated also. Move the signs and get a different feel in an area of the room. It's refreshing to change things up a bit from time to time. 

This has been my love affair with painted signs. There are many more boards lying around the garage and in my craft room. Can't wait to make more, and I will share them with you when they're done. There is one that has been on my mind for a while now. Soon. Soon. 😀

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