Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Frosted Pinecones

Don't you just love pinecones?!! They are so versatile and can truly be used for more than one season. Love them!!

With Christmas around the corner, a few weeks ago I decided that frosted pinecones were what the house needed this year. Why? I really have no idea. It just sounded right. So I gather white acrylic paint, plaster of paris, a little water, an old bowl for mixing, and a paper plate to roll the pinecones in paint. Yes I did!! I mixed the plaster of paris with water, then mixed that with the paint, as if I were making chalk paint. I wanted the paint to dry quickly with strong adhesion. This did the trick.

It didn't take long, about an hour for all of the pinecones that I had, and a few had to be hand painted. Now I have a plethora of frosted pinecones. And since I'm feeling a little behind in the decorating area (my plan was to start the Monday before Thanksgiving), I feel like it just has to be done today. Don't be like "this" me. Take your time and enjoy it.

Here are some of the ways that I have used the pinecones, so far. It's very possible that all of this may change once I feel caught up, or just think it's not quite right. Who knows, the pinecones might just stay where they are until the Christmas decorations come down. I know....a bit fickle right now.

A galvanized tray in the living room, on the coffee table. I love the little hint of red with the twine on the stack of gifts. Ok, they really are just empty boxes, but darn cute.

The kitchen centerpiece. Originally there were faux cranberries scatter amongst the greenery and pinecones. They were switched out for rusty bells.

Yes, I do think the rusty bells are better. Gives the whole thing a little character. Those little red berries might have to go. I'm not sure. Over all, I like it. Simple, easy, and more time to finish other projects.

One lonely, little pinecone on the shelf in my favorite corner of the kitchen. Love the old cream can that I found at an antique shop last spring.

Pinecones are such neat pieces of nature. They are beautiful! So many different shapes and sizes. I must go hunting for them next year and hopefully find a variety of shapes. Store bought pinecones are pretty standard in shape.

These 3 needed some work for this pitcher. I attached skewers to the bottom of them, using my hot glue gun. When they were cooled, they were wrapped in green florist tape, then placed in the pitcher with the greenery.

And as always, my crazy mantel. I should write a post just on the insane fireplace, hearth, and mantel that graces my family room. The family room is very odd anyways. I have never seen anything quite like it. Not sure who designed it, or why on earth they would design it that way, but......I'm not an architect, so what do I know. I do know it's an odd little room. Oh, let me rephrase that, it's a very unique room with an abundance of character.

Yes, monster pinecones. This one is about a foot tall. It's very cool. My son asked me what kind of mutant tree I got it from. He makes me laugh.

Pinecones a-plenty this year. Not just pinecones, frosted pinecones. It was fun, easy, and super inexpensive. I had everything in the house, so it cost nothing extra except time.

The old lanterns were purchased at a yard sale about 4 years back. The lady running the yard sale sold all 3 of them (only 2 are pictured) for $2. Can't beat that with a wet noodle, and couldn't pass up a deal like that for 3 sturdy, heavy, metal lanterns.

The mantel is a work in progress, it always is for me. It's only about 5 inches deep, but 13 to 15 feet long and completely off center, spanning 2/3 of the wall. Do you feel my pain? Back to the subject at hand. Pinecones!! There are other pinecones, frosted and unfrosted, but that's for another day.  So, until with you. Go decorate your space and have lots of fun doing so. Put some Christmas music on and sing at the top of your lungs!! This season is not nearly long enough, in my opinion.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.

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