Thursday, April 16, 2015

Note Card Sets

What a very practical and fun gift. Note card sets say so much.
They don't have to be "Thank You" cards, but they can be made as such. A set can be made of all identical cards, cards that are all completely different, or cards that are different, but all carry a common theme. Then the cards and envelopes can be bundled with a simple twine, in a pretty box, or in the case of the cards in this post, you can make a coordinating folder.

Simplicity is what I like in a card, so when making cards for someone else, I have a tendency to stick with a very simple approach. There is something to be said for an item that is understated. Not fussy, but clean, crisp, and elegant. Sometimes less is more.

There are so many ways to make cards, some people make cards that are very elaborate and beautiful. All of the intricate details, layering, stamped layering, and different embossing techniques, etc. They're all beautifully creative.

It does seem that everyone has their own creative style, just one of the things that makes hand-crafted items great. No two creators, artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, or even bakers are the same. Unique and wonderful, which is what makes this project so personal.

Last Christmas, teacher gift sets included packaged treats in DIY Treat Bags, featured in a post here, and a set of handmade note cards. This was fun, but I did learn a very valuable lesson. Spread this task out over a lot of time. It's always more fun to craft or DIY when you "want to do it", not when you "have to do it" because you're running out of time. I never said I was completely organized. Don't judge me.

Fourteen sets of cards, total, were needed for the teachers, parapros, bus driver, bus aide, speech therapist, and caseworker. Yeah......yeeeaaaahhhh. Whew!! I really didn't plan that correctly and should have started a lot earlier. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

So, fourteen different sets (not all are pictured), a great creative outlet. And who doesn't need a good set of note cards around the Holidays. But they can be used for any time of the year, because they are not Season-Specific. Pretty and useful.

Possibly my favorite set was the white and teal/aqua set pictured below. It was difficult to part with, but it went to a very nice person, so I'll stop crying and blubbering. I've told TM soooo many times that it is hard to part with items after making them. There should be a support group for this particular problem: Crafters Keepers (for crafters who make stuff for other people, but can't part with it).

Mother's Day is right around the corner, that would be a nice occasion to give a few sets of cards to some very special Mothers in my life. So as not to have a repeat of the Christmas "not-much-fun-due-to-crunch time" feeling, production should start soon.

Give it a try. Make a very thoughtful and personal gift for someone special. You'll be happy that you did.

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