Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jute Wrapped Cans

When you want a quick pick-me-up in an area, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, jute or sisal wrapped....anything....anything, works well. It's a great way to add something new, interesting, and texture to a space. I wanted to try this last summer, and they turned out nicely.

A trip to the dollar store was all I needed to get started. There were 2 metal pots that seemed perfect. was the dollar store, so no breaking the bank, $1 each. That was the extent of my spending for that project. You can use anything, even an empty soup can would work, large or small. The sisal rope is something that I keep in my craft room, but is inexpensive at the larger home improvement stores. Other than the can and rope, my trusty glue gun and glue sticks were all that was needed.

It's just a matter of glueing the rope to the container as you go along. Working with small amounts of glue at a time, as it can dry pretty quickly. Make sure to keep the rope tight and pressed against the piece in place to avoid leaving gaps.

Then keep glueing the rope until you reach the top. I added an extra row or two on top to hide the inside of the pot, but that is only be necessary if it were a color or pattern that you didn't want to show at all. The following picture is not the best. Both that were taken during Christmas time were blurry. I really don't know how that got past me. Oh well, perfection eludes me on a daily basis.

As you can see, these have been used for every season. They are very neutral, so it doesn't matter what you put in them, they will look great. Christmas, Autumn, Winter, Spring, whatever you choose, the pot will match.

It's such an easy and simple project. Completion takes an hour, maybe. And if you're like me, most of that time is spent fretting over the thought of "what if I mess this up?". Sometimes it's best to just go for it. Worst case scenario, you pull off the rope and start over. But it's not "brain science", as TM likes to say.

Another quick and easy project, covering an old candle jar with burlap and Modge Podge, to make a new pencil holder to put next to the telephone. It is so much better than the plastic cup that was there.

This was a first attempt, a very spontaneous first attempt. It works well for what I needed, and no one sees it anyways, but I know it's there, and pretty. 

Try it!! Go find a can, or jar, a glue gun, some rope, and start glueing! You will have fun and create something wonderful for your space.

Come back soon.

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