Saturday, March 21, 2015

Open House Anyone?

Warning! Lots of pictures. Just to get me in the mood. (Cue the swanky 70's music.)

It's mid-March. Three months until "Open House Season" is well upon us. Time to get started! Are you ready?
I'm getting there. There are lots of pictures from both of my son's open houses, well, elements of the open houses. My husband (TM) was a bit too quick with the take down process. As I was finishing up with goodbyes, he had most things disassembled. The first time it happened, I was just angry and bummed, because I didn't get pictures. The second time, our oldest daughter scolded him and said, "Mom is going to be so mad! She didn't get to take pictures. You should hide." So it's more like decoration "ideas".

2011 Tents and patio view from the deck

This will be the third open house TM and I have put together. The last child, not the youngest, but the last is graduating high school, and then we'll see. When they finish college, if we have $20 left, we'll buy them a pizza.

2011 Asian flare on the Open House

2011 Bamboo adornments on the utensil containers

2011 Paper lanterns hung on trees and in the tents

Yes. The last child, MM, is graduating. She's autistic and attends a school for students with special needs. Students graduate when they reach the age of 26. Although she might not completely understand the concept of why she will be having a big party, we want to acknowledge the long road to this milestone in her life. So with family, friends, and past teachers and caregivers, we are going to celebrate her. TM and I want to make sure that her graduation time is just as special as our other children's. At some point during the day, she'll tell quite a few people that it's her birthday, then tell them "happy birthday", and then communicate that she wants to play her GameBoy. And at some point she'll want to get away from all of the excitement, so she'll retreat to her room and watch from the window for while and come back when she's ready. Guess what? That's ok!

2013 Basket for napkins

2013 Labels on both sides of the basket

With that in mind, and it's very possible that she doesn't care if everything is graduation themed, or color coordinated, or pretty, but........I just can't help myself! What's the point of throwing a party if you're not going to go the extra step with the details? It's just not fun.....for me any ways.

2013 Hershey Nuggets with pictures of my grad

2013 Creamer and sugar packets for coffee drinkers

2013 Pretty and very functional

Oh. My point? Idea time. Time to gather ideas and start to formulate a plan. Work on the guest list, look at invitation designs. Thinks of dates, menu items, etc. get a visual image of what the party will look like. Find out what your grad wants. Figuring out a theme is the best place to start. It's your grads party, so let them give you ideas and work with their likes as a guide. Ultimately, you are paying for it, so NOT hiring the Death Metal Rock Band that he/she has soooooooooo alright.

2013 Sandwich condiments in a pretty basket

2013 You never know when your hands will get messy

2013 Cards for all the condiments

I do have a little more freedom in putting the whole shindig together, this time. MM won't mind the decorations, and as long as I make sure that her favorite foods are served, it's all good.

2013 Forks that were on the dessert table

2013 Utensils that were on the food service table

2013 Table cloth weights because sometimes it's windy

It may seem like it's a wee bit early, but it's really not. There are so many other things to do this time of year, Easter, spring cleaning, yard and garden prep, planting, activities, events, etc. Oh, that's called everyday life. Much to do. In order to save myself a little stress, I'm starting early.

Now that I've been down memory lane a little bit, I'm ready to start. The planner is in order and has been used. I'll continue to add to my lists, and start on some projects that can be made early.

Enjoy every minute of this beautiful day. The first full day of spring.

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