Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ye Olde Clock

You ever had a nice clock that you just didn't like? Amazingly enough, I have. Strange. My family is becoming aware of an odd tendency that I have to make sure there is a clock….well pretty much where ever you look.
Something I had not noticed, until my son brought it to my attention that there are 9 clocks in the family room and kitchen area. This is of course including the clocks that are standard on things like the coffee maker, stove, microwave, etc. However, I do like a good clock. But not this one, anymore.

It was a gift from my late husband's grandmother, back in 1990. Well made, expensive, with Westminster Chimes. Love the chimes!!!! Couldn't stand the oak anymore. I usually have quite an aversion to painting over wood. It scares me. It's wood….and now I'm going to……paint it? GASP!!!!

Absolutely painted this little darling. Honestly, I almost donated it to GoodWill. Then I started looking at how much it would cost to replace it with another clock with true Westminster Chimes. And wood, and I'd have to like it.  Ouch!!! Nah….that's okay. I decided to paint this beauty.

Much better. Using a nice dark brown flat paint, I added a little black paint to it, just to make it a bit deeper in color, almost black, Ye Olde Clock got a facelift.

I even found some model car paint, mixing bronze and black for an almost oil rubbed bronze look, and painted the metal ring around the clock face that was once brass. Much, much better.

This is one time that not donating something that I really didn't want actually turned out for the best. A little sandpaper and leftover paints. What a big difference. That was about 2 and half years ago, and I am still in love with this clock. Every time I look at it, I smile a little bit. Oh the joy of revamping an old item.  You should try it!!!

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