Thursday, December 19, 2013

Autumn and My Favorite Corner

The last of the autumn decorations that I will share before completely moving on to Christmas. Aaahhhh. My favorite corner in the kitchen. I adore this little spot. It's pretty and functional.
This combination is something that my dear, sweet, (completely wrong) husband and I don't always see eye to  eye on. His thing is always that "it's functional". It can be the ugliest, most beat up, unleveled…..whatever. Trust me, something that shouldn't sit in one's house. And in his sweetest voice he'll tell me that it's functional. My response? It can be pretty and functional. This corner is just that. Enough said.

The shelf, from Hobby Lobby, purchased a few years ago, has been wonderful. It was very bare, but pretty. At 50% off, for a total of $30, it was a steal. I've noticed that the price has gone up over the years.

The only problem was that everything that I could think to put in the baskets would be seen, obviously. Nope, not doing it. However, I made some nice little basket liners, and attached gorgeous hanging label holders that I had ordered for another project, from Ballard Designs, and now it's perfection. Well, close enough. Love the label holders! Sturdy and heavy, not cheaply made by any stretch of the imagination. And…they are labels! I love labels, on everything. I'd put a label on my cat, if she would sit still long enough. 

The cute round baskets are filled with whatever happens to need a basket at the time. Sometimes candies, usually fruit, or whatever. I actually used all of these baskets for my son's open house. The baskets are also very useful around the house. 

All of these were purchased at Hobby Lobby, at various times, for 50% off. Yeah, I know…..I'm a Hobby Lobby freak. Just found out that my sister is just as bad. 

Cheap foam pumpkins spray painted white make a pretty statement. And there's the adorable little sign from another post. 

Is that a whiskey bottle? My Papa tells me it is. I've had it for years and usually use it as a bud vase or to root a plant cutting. I wrapped it in twine about 2 years ago and it gets moved around from place to place. It gives some texture to where ever it sits.

It is quite the adorable little accent. It goes with any seasonal decor. I've probably used for Christmas as well.

Loved how this turned out. The wheat, with black tips is a nice contrast to the white pitcher. Oh, by the way, this started out as a very, well let's just say….not pretty pitcher. Imagine the color of the "Autumn" sign in the above photo, and the same finish. Remember the lettering is done with a dry erase marker and very easy to erase. Super smooth and slick. Now stencil a bunch of pumpkins, grapes,  leaves, and vines all around the sides, in bright purples, oranges, green, etc. It just wasn't my favorite. But, it was a gift and I didn't have the heart to part with it. But, some white spray paint, and now we're talking !!! We're talking pretty!!!

It was very soothing to look at all during the autumn season. I miss the wheat. Next year my friend, the wheat will be back.

Clocks with Westminster chimes are awesome! This one almost went to Goodwill. It was a light oak, and I really didn't like that fact. Searched online for a replacement clock with Westminster chimes, and after realizing how much it would cost to replace an item because I didn't like the color… got a face lift instead. They are a little pricey. Paint was cheaper. It turned out great.

Well there you have it. It's either a little late, or really early. Take your pick. Either way, it's still my favorite corner. Cant' wait to show you how it looks for Christmas.

Enjoy the day and create something beautiful.

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