Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Banner Themed Card Box

Card boxes are for many different occasions; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and......of course, graduations.
Although we have asked no gifts be given, people always want to says congratulations with a card. Therefore a card box is still a nice touch at most celebrations.

Not wanting to purchase a box, I'm being very frugal, and not wanting something ordinary and plain, I came up with the perfect solution. Using something old, a wire basket stationed on top of my refrigerator, and some craft supplies in my craft room, a cute receptacle for cards was born. By the way, the wire basket will return to its original location after the party.

White card stock, kraft paper brown card stock, and red crackle card stock were used for the banner on the card box. Using the pennant letters, which were a free download at ???????, I scaled those to 40% and printed them on white card stock.

Using my trusty, dusty, paper cutter, it was easy and quick to cut out the letters and larger triangles in red crackle paper for layering.

Using even larger triangles in Kraft paper brown, having added extra length at the top to make a flap, to complete the panels for the banner. Is Kraft paper brown really a color?

Putting all of the triangles together to form the panels as seen the the picture below. The panel on the far left shows the flap. 

I've made banners and punched holes at the top corners, but I really didn't want to have holes in this attempt. 

The flap is not visible once the banner is completed and gives more support on the string/twine/ribbon. It also made stringing the panels easy. 

Cutting the flaps on an angle ensures that they won't be seen from the front, and gives more control over how large the flaps are made. 

I wasn't sure about the color combination, but it turned out well. Be sure to buy lots of paper in the color you're using when making lots of coordinating items, because you just might find that if you run out and go back to the store for more paper, they don't have the color you need. Trust me on this one. It just happened to me. So the "CONGRATULATIONS" banner that I'm making is a darker red, but the two will be in different areas. It just might work, well it will have to work. There might be one or two people that just can't handle the difference in color and will decide to leave because they are so offended. Nah!

With the banner pieces assembled and having gathered the other items for the card holder, process went quickly. Twine, wired burlap ribbon, two wooden dowels cut to size, craft paint, and not pictured, my glue gun and adhesive roller.

Something I have learned, as a general rule when making banners: Cut the twine, string, or ribbon extra long, for two reasons. Reason 1: It stinks to remove the twine and start all over because it's too short. Reason 2: You never know how long the twine needs to be when it comes time to hang it. However, this banner was going to be hung immediately so the extra twine was not a problem. 

Using the adhesive roller to close the back flaps over the twine, but careful not to get the adhesive on the twine, in order to let the banner pieces slide back and forth on the twine.

All of the pieces on the twine. and ready to hang. I assembled the basket by weaving the wired burlap ribbon through the wire basket. The two wooden dowels were painted to match the color of the wire basket, and held in place by using hot glue to secure them between the two layers of wire ribbon.

There!! A very inexpensive card holder. It turned out very nice and was very easy to assemble, yet I don't feel the need to keep it forever, and my basket can go back to the top of the refrigerator. 

I hope you enjoyed this little project. Let me know what you think, and leave a link to something you have created. I love to see other peoples ideas. Creativity is a good outlet.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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