Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spring Forward...Fall Back…Spring Back…Fall Forward?

Honestly? Almost 4 months have gone by since I've been here and I don't know which direction I went. Forward or backward?
Yes, the clocks have fallen back and now it's dark far too early for my liking, but that's the way time flies.

After being away from home for a major portion of the summer, I have spent quite a bit of time playing catch-up around the house, and adapting to my new role of "Mother Whose Youngest Child Is In College". There are mixed feelings about this new role floating about in my head. Oh well, I can't turn the clock back. Well other than that hour for day-light savings time. Okay….I'm over it!!!! Let's move on.

Guess what? Less than a month until Christmas. I have officially skipped over the whole Thanksgiving thing this year, as my part in Thanksgiving is just about naught. No gathering at our house, or at my Mother's house, which means that I get to help out a lot. This is our alternate year at my MIL's house. Love her! Love the family! But sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and miss being able to celebrate the traditions that my husband, myself, and our children have adopted. However, I am staking claim to Christmas!!! By Golly Gee Whiz!!!!! That's some pretty harsh language there. I am in Christmas craft mode and enjoying every moment of it. Oh, I am also behind on my normal Christmas schedule. Go figure. That's alright, no one's perfect. It's should be a fun, festive time, not a lesson in strict schedules. Have fun and enjoy. Right?!

I've been looking through pictures from Christmas time last year and checking out the decorations. This is the weekend that I will whisk away all of the Harvest decorations and decorate for Christmas. So a quick walk down memory lane to try to get an idea of what I did last year and how I might change it up this year. On the cheap of course.

This wreath that I made last year was super easy and fun. It really only took about an hour and a half, at most. I didn't make very many of the felt flowers, and the sprigs were left over from gift trims 2 years prior.

Wreath on front door.
This was a little something that I tried, just to get a different feel for the living room side table. It seems that I had been stuck in a rut, put up the same decorations year after year. So I changed it up a bit. I enjoyed looking at it last year, but don't think I'll do quite the same thing this year.

Small side table decorations. 2012

One of my favorites of last year was my jars with the snow an greenery. Very easy. Simple and cute.

On the end table. 2012

One of the most difficult places to decorate in my house is the mantel above the fireplace in the family room. First of all it's extremely narrow, about 4 inches, if it's 5 inches, I'd be surprised. The other problem…..it's about 15 feet long and spans ⅔ of the wall. Why would someone build that? Really? Is the fireplace that big? NO!!!! Yep……brick and mantle, ⅔ of the wall. One day I'll have to show you pictures of the entire monstrosity. It's just difficult to force myself to take pictures of the whole thing. It could bring on nightmares.

On the Mantel above the fireplace. 2012

Something occurred to me while looking through the pictures from last year. Too much time was spent figuring out my camera and not enough time was spent taking actual pictures. That will change this year. Well, at least I have a starting point for what I would like to change this year. The excitement is building. 

Funny thought for the day: Yesterday my husband found out my dark secret. I've been secretly listening to Christmas music in my car for the past 2 weeks. We laughed heartily about this one. Oh well, I am prone to burst out humming a Christmas tune, even in the summer, but it only happens about once a month. Now I may officially listen to Christmas music and not feel naughty. 

Have a great day!!!

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