Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Party's Over

Yes, finally, the Graduation Party/Open House is done. You would think that I would be happy. I miss it. There's such an empty feeling now that there's no more planning and prepping.
It went very well. Unfortunately, my helper thought it started at 3 pm, and she showed up at 1:45, rather than at 1pm. Oh well, she really is a good friend, and her help for the rest of the day was invaluable.  Two of my older son's friends showed up early, so I put them to work. They were such a big help!!!! I couldn't have done it without them. Good kids, well, young men, 20 and 21 years of age....young men. However, with out my main source of womanly help for a while, I was short on time, and never got a chance to take pictures of the setup and details before everyone started rolling in. However, my Papa loves his camera, and got lots of photos during the party.

Every photographer is different and sees things in a different way. Papa is a people photographer, so most of the pictures are candid people shots, close ups. I like to get the elements of the surroundings as well. I know that if I need a closeup of someone later for them, I can always crop. Detail shots of elements, I love. He did get a few of the elements. And my ever efficient husband started taking down everything while I was in the house doing a little clean up. Therefore, I missed a lot of shots that I could have taken at the end of the party. Alas, it was not to be so. 

All of the following photos are from Papa's camera.

Candy!!!! My son has a sweet tooth. I supplied some candy.

Element table in the big tent.

Decorative books showing son's last classes and his cap and mortarboard.

Good Luck Wish Jar and Grad Cap card box.
These are just a few pictures. I am taking the time to photograph some items for the party, but I had to put them in the living room. I will post those in the coming days. My hubby was far too quick on the take down aspect of the party. He feared the rain that never came. It was a gorgeous, sunny, hot day. Rain? Right.

Thanks for your patience. It's been a long haul getting everything done.

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